Torque, evolved

Torev’s patented double axial flux electric motor is the product of seven years of research and is the first of its kind – a forerunner in an industry spearheading electrification. Our unique stator structure significantly reduces rare earth metal consumption while operating at extremely high levels of power and efficiency.


Better performance

  • High motor efficiency through our semi-toroidal magnetic field
  • High power density through our high active power generating volume
  • Smaller physical footprint through our compact axial flux structure

Better economics

  • Lowering costs through reduction in permanent magnetic content
  • Simplifying manufacturing through innovative modular design
  • Improving supply chain resilience and providing insulation from rare earth volatility

Better for the planet

  • Reducing the reliance on carbon-intense mining and processing associated with rare earth metals
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through increased vehicle range, leading to less EV charging energy consumption



Solutions for passenger and commercial automotive and off-highway transportation markets


Solutions for maritime and marine markets, including e-inboard and e-outboard motors, as well as port equipment and machinery


Solutions for a variety of construction vehicles and industrial equipment.

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